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A paradise of peace in the busy city

Guangzhou is the most famous commercial and trading cosmopolitan city on the southeast coast of China. It has attracted visitors due to its modern prosperity and long history. Vaperse Hotel is located by the Pearl River in this modern city known for its traditional culture. It is the first stop for you to know about Guangzhou. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”. The magnificent appearance of the hotel instantly changes your mood to light heart when you enter the hotel. The lobby bar is flattered by the glorious lobby like a lotus which is open to you. It exhibits not only a taste of retiring quietness and fragrance but also an ideal venue for your enjoyment and relaxation.    

The finely furnished hotel rooms of classic style are facilitated with fashionable and hi-tech products, where you can enjoy life in a pleasant environment while doing business work. “When you feel life at crossroads, you need higher perspective view.” All hotel rooms from the 17th floor to the upper floors have been installed with large floor-to-ceiling windows which give you a full view of the pretty natural beauty and the charming landscape of Pearl River New City. 

Either in the elegant Cantonese restaurant or the universal buffet western restaurant, you can taste various kinds of delicious foods and satisfy the desire of your palate. “The sweet voices of young ladies accompany fine wines”. At the 7-star club on the 5th floor of the hotel, you can space in a Spa room while listening to light music,or you can relax yourself in the swimming pool in the air nearby as if you have been merged into the beautiful starry sky of Pearl River New City. 

Vaperse Hotel welcomes you to return and write your next story of success. 

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